Why Choose AFP?

AFP Industries was founded by Dr. Amish Patel, aka “AFP”, to facilitate the creation and scaling of sustainable, profitable businesses where his team of experienced operators are able to drive massive value creation . Amish, a dentist by training, scaled one dental practice to over 70 practices and counting. (www.prosmile.com) While there are many that can step in and run large enterprises, fewer can build one from the ground up. 

At its heart, AFP industries is about building wealth for family and friends. Amish believes that your sense of gratification is far greater when helping others succeed than succeeding yourself. He surrounds himself with partners who are highly intelligent, motivated individuals sharing his vision of work hard, work together, and leave drama at the door.

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The partners at AFP Industries have a history of creating companies from nothing and scaling them with success. Their key to scalability lies in identifying unique ideas, market testing them for viability, implementing a qualified operations team, capital raising when necessary, and driving meteoric growth. 

Utilizing this method, AFP Industries has seen amazing growth in a very short time. Due to that rapid growth, Amish made the decision to allow others to join us on this journey, both as providers of capital and/or expertise. AFP sees the stock market as high stakes gambling based on factors you cannot control. What he does trust are sound companies where he and his partners control all facets of the business from ideation to final operations.

This strategy can be boiled down to one simple sentence. “Find the void, or gap, in the market and scale the crap out of it.” When you identify that void, go hard, and go fast before others can catch up. This proved successful in the dental business, commercial real estate business, and now in KLYR Rum where growth is far outpacing the industry. 

If you think you can add value to our team through capital or expertise, please contact us!