Why Choose AFP?

AFP Industries was created by its founder Dr. Amish Patel, aka “AFP”, in order to facilitate the creation of sustainable, profitable businesses with the help and support of family, friends, and others who aligned his vision. AFP began his career as a dentist. Starting with one dental practice, Amish scaled to an eventual 70 practices and counting. (www.prosmile.com) Instead of stopping there, AFP was driven to build something new. Something different. That desire turned into AFP Industries. 

At its heart, AFP industries is about building wealth for family and friends. Amish believes your sense of gratification is far greater when helping those around you succeed than succeeding yourself. He surrounds himself with partners who are highly intelligent, motivated individuals sharing his vision of work hard, work together, and leave drama at the door.

Amish Patel

The partners at AFP Industries have a history of creating companies from nothing and scaling them with success. Their key to scalability lies in identifying unique ideas, market testing them for viability, implementing a qualified operations team, raising necessary capital at the right times, and allowing each businesses to grow. Utilizing this method, AFP Industries has seen amazing growth in very short time. Due to that rapid growth, Amish made the decision to open the doors for anyone to invest. Not just family or friends, but anyone with capital and a desire to do what is necessary to grow a business. 

AFP sees the stock market as high stakes gambling based on factors you cannot control. What he does trust are sound companies where he and his partners control all facets of the business from initial idea to final operations. The key to a good idea is “Find the void, or gap, in the market and scale the crap out of it.” When you find that void, go hard, and go fast before others can catch up. This proved successful in the dental business, commercial real estate business, and now in KLYR Distilling where we’ve seen unprecedented growth faster than any other liquor company.

We are not just looking for investors, we are looking for partners. An AFP Industries partner is more than an investor. They add value to the business they are invested with. As the network grows, everyone shares in the success. We also look for people with “an idea” that they believe is great, but who have no method of helping it come to fruition. At AFP we can take that idea, market test it, and partner with you to scale it.

We do not believe in sitting at home, staring at a computer, hoping your stocks go up. At AFP, we believe in accessibility, of the partners as well as the ops team, and the ability to provide your feedback to help grow our business. AFP Industries is an open book company, with complete transparency, run by partners for partners.

We are redefining how businesses are built…more transparency, calculated risk, intelligent operations, and most importantly, everyone shares in the success.